I'm a survivor of many things in life. Below shows how much I tried to keep moving forward while no one was encouraging any self-confidence in the technology fields. Us survivors feel like we are always living a double life while being protective on one side and trying to fit in with trust on the other. If you are a survivor then you know what I'm talking about.

This page is a simple static page and is written in a font size that most people will be able to read.

Today I'm working on my technology career through the videos that I'm working on. Doing the videos provides hope in life. I want to help others who feel unsure if they can succeed in the technology fields. I have many ideas on what to share and am very different than anyone I've seen out there. Being different is okay just so you know. I'm with you and totally understand how you might feel like you are alone because you think you don't fit in.

Here is the official list of my education and certifications. What it represents is that I'm flexible and willing to learn whatever technology is necessary for any project or task.

Selp-study by reading technical books, news, and any other technology related informaion
Lorain County Community College, June 1993
Associate of Applied Business in CIS: Computer Programming Emphasis
Total Technical Institute, June 1986
Applied Associates in Electronics Telecommunications and Robotics

CompTIA A+ Certified CE, May 2018
Certified Novell Administrator 4.11, May 1998
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer NT 4.0, December 1999
Microsoft Exchange 5.5, December 1999

NetWare 4.11 Advanced Administration, July 1998

HARDWARE: built, set up, and troubleshoot computers from the mid 1980s on up

SOFTWARE: Installed Microsoft DOS to Windows pachages

* Work with LAN/WAN issues using, ping, tracert, telnet, netstat, nslookup, etc.
* Connect and work with Cisco routers and switches
* Work with virus software since the early 1990s
* Used various trouble ticket reporting systems
* Work with several different browser configuration settings
* Transfered data files for an upgrade in Microsoft Windows environments

Here are some of my technical and other experiences that is not exhaustive


* Technology Professional with diverse computer technical training and experience beginning in 1985
* Excellent customer service both on the phone, or in person that would easily transfer to any online chat format
* Worked with customers in many contract positions or independently beginning from the mid 1980s
* Diverse background including, waitressing, catering, factory, receptionist, customer service onsite or phone, cashier, miscellaneous industrial labor, vending machine attendant, my own independent labor, computer servicing, interior and exterior painter contracts


Various Information Technology Contract Assignments (6/1991 − 9/2007)

West at (Contract 3/2007-09/2007)
* Answered inbound calls from home for Sears Home Repair, Virgin Mobile, and HSN.
* Process orders working with personal and credit card information.

Vicomp Helpdesk (Contract 9/2006-11/2006)
* Technical Support for Applebees and other restaurants across the country.

Standby Screw (Contract 3/2006-7/2006)
* Machine operator making metal parts and testing tolerance.

RAN Associates (Contract 10/2005-11/2005)
* Setup computerized voting machines for 2005 general elections.

Deployment Solutions-Vanco (Contract 3/2005-6/2005)
* Installing Cisco routers at various locations in Ohio and Kentucky.

BEF-FUJI (Contract 8/2004-9/2004)
* Upgraded servers at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club One-hour photo labs in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Minnesota
* Connect server to new T1 line for customers to upload their digital film orders via Internet
* Upgraded hardware and software on onsite Digital Photo Computers.

Netdoc (On Call) 6/2002 - 1/2004
* Extensive Virus cleanup on company PC; setup router/DSL configuration; network and PC technician.

Edgewater Yatch Club (Project 5/2002)
* Installed a Cat 5 cable from a computer to a DSL router.

Unisys 8/1998 - 5/2002
* Network Technical Support for Defense Finance and Accounting Service WAN covering 30 sites in the continental United States, Hawaii, Japan, and Germany.
* Worked as WAN network support on DFAS worldwide 22K node Tier 2 Level Help Desk.
* Troubleshoot WAN communication, LAN user, and WAN application access.

Austin Nichols Technical (Sprint PCS Contract 5/1998 - 8/1998)
* Service & support 50+ users on Windows 95 clients on a Windows NT 3.51 server network.
* Reconfigure laptops for field service personnel.

Command Personnel (Unisys Contract 11/1997 - 3/1998)
* Converted Windows workstations from token ring to ethernet on the Cleveland Center DFAS network
* Upgraded several workstations swapping out PCs and transferring data to new ones

Meadowmark (7/1993-3/1995)
* Set up the computers and network for a computer training class
* On-call technical support for local customers
* Reconfigured a batch of computers that were then shipped to a traveling expo around the country The computers were shipped to us, reconfigured by me for the next expo and then shippped to that expo location. I was solely in charge of this project.
* built servers and workstations for customers

Software City (1992)
* Customer service in a retail location in the mall that sold computers, software and peripherals

Lorain County Community College (1991-1992)
* Computer lab aide and tutor in the Macintosh and IBM compatible PC labs

* Customer service representative for corporate customers and sales staff
* Transferred new hire confidential information from disk and tape to a database for the State of Ohio.