Many training videos show all of the technical steps on how to do email marketing but none of them explain the legal side of it.

You need to research what your legal obligations are first before even starting to learn how to set up any email marketing campaign. Why? Because all of the autoresponders will enforce the regulations before you are allowed to even write your emails, let alone send them.

When it comes to working with software and anything online don’t forget that all of it can be micromanaged by simply programming webpages to work the way the company wants them to. If they expect a certain type of information in a field then you can’t get past that page until you provide that information. When you notice an asterisk (*) in a field then that means it is programmed for specific information. The page will error if you do not provide that information. This is what happens when you are working with autoresponders. There will be a requirement to provide an address to be placed at the bottom of every single email that you will send out.

Will that address have to be one that is listed with your name or your company name on it?

Will you have to prove that you have a right to put that address in your email?

These are more questions you have to consider as well. The company providing the autoresponder will protect themselves from any legal problems by requiring you to provide whatever information is necessary in order to use their platform.

For many years, I have used TextAloud 3.0 that I purchased for $39.95 many years ago to read many privacy policies, terms of service, rules, or any other legal documents. Who can read all of that stuff is beyond me for sure, especially when most of it is either hidden in a small box, or is presented with a very light tiny font. It is necessary to understand what legal information is required in order to do any type of business with anyone online or offline. There isn’t ay way around it when laws are the connection between people and services provided to them.

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