Smart Cam Pro Security Camera

Nowadays we all need some type of security camera at our front door. There is so much great footage of wildlife in front of security cameras, especially if they are at the back door pointing into the backyard.

Then of course it is very convenient to have it at the front door for when someone comes up to the door because nowadays many have an audio function in them. It is much safer due to COVID19 to talk to the pizza delivery guy or gal from the security camera and then to hurry up and pick up the pizza before the raccoons have a feast of it.

With the pandemic appearing to not be disappearing anytime soon, I think installed a security camera at the front door at least is a must. A perfect one is a “SmartCamPro” that you can configure and view from an app on your smartphone of course. Don’t forget to change the login information and hide it from the view of other networks because it will be on the internet.

What is really cool is when you say something from your smartphone to the camera where the audio is heart at your front door, even if you are not there. That way the person at the front door does not know that you are not home. This feature is really nice when you have a garage where they can’t check to see if your car is in there but hey many times someone is home when someone else took the car to the store.

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