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Wow! Three Times In One Day

August 11, 2022

Ausia and friends traveled to Whitehorse Lake Trail #33 at the BAB National Forest. Ausia said the trail was about a mile and a half long around the lake. A couple of friends who have never been there joined them. They turned off the trail around the lake into another one that goes down into a canyon called trail #70. The woods and trails are very beautiful.

They walked further through the winding uphill climbing path in the woods towards the Sycamore Canyon area. Ausia’s little black and white dog MooMoo stayed right inside the narrow path that winds around the tall grass with everyone else. Ausia pointed out that there are lots of yellow flowers called Blackeyed Susans by the lake and in the forest. She said the location of flowers in the forest area appeared to be dried up wash are.

The trail through the woods winds up onto a hill that was a quite a steep uphill hike around lots of rocks and rough terrain providing lots of exercise for everyone. They came across a large area of burnt trees that appeared to be an obvious aftermath of a forest fire. The trees were still standing but were burnt with an obvious black appearance to them and without any leaves on them in August.

Ausia came across a large mass that had an appearance of a nest in one of the burnt tree branches. It was pretty big and filled up with what appeared to be lots of green pine leaves from the area. There are lots of new green growth that were not leaves, but other types of greenary, around and even attached to the branches of many trees showing signs of life again in the area.

Ausia and friends found their way to Sycamore Canyon which is a long huge canyon that was officially established in 1935. She pointed out a path of the Mogollon Rim which is a path that goes across the Sycamore Canyon into and out of a valley area. They stuck around for a little bit to relax while enjoying the breath taking gorgeous view of Sycamore Canyon.

Ausia and friends then turned back around to head back to the lake. They walked on a very rocky hill so had to watch their footing on the path going back down the hill. They made it safely back to the path by the lake where they once again walked around the lake to the park area. Then had some lunch at a picnic table there with cheese, ham, blueberries, zuccini, and refreshing beverages. A couple of Ausia’s friends went their separate ways after lunch.

Then Ausia drove her truck with a couple friends still together down the road to Sycamore Point. It was only about a five miles ride to the area but the terrain appeared to be in another country altogether. They found a large field of tall dead looking grass with lots of Juniper trees. She compared it to the landscape in Africa where they would expect a cheetah to be hanging in the tree and giraffes walking around.

They drove by the Sycamore Canyon area on another side from where they had hiked which is along the valley by the road. They stopped to show a rough texture called the alligator bark on the trees. Ausia and friends arrived at another location around Sycamore Canyon to take in the nice view of the canyon. It was gorgeous and breath taking for sure. The canyon is very colorful and deep but not as large as the Grand Canyon.

The next area they drove to was JD Dam nearby the Sycamore Point and close to Whitehorse Lake. Some areas along the walking path appeared to have small areas of algae and marsh. They took a walk around the lake where they found a beach area. It started raining so they ended up heading back home without making it to the JD dam itself. Along the way, they saw quite a few free-range cows in the area.

That is the end of the video.

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