I have severe Osteoarthritis

Yep I have breast cancer AND severe osteoarthritis at the same time

How lucky am I, right? This was not what I expected to be in my future as I struggled through 2022 but here it is. As soon as I have access to the radiology films I will post them. I honestly do not think posting my medical information is a big deal. I mean what am I going to do with it in my grave? I don’t need it so why not post it because doing so might help someone else. If I didn’t post it I would just go into such a depression while dealing with all of this stuff.

So in 1988 at age 27 I fell during a ski accident where I was learning how to ski. They put you on a hill that has people walking across the bottom right next to the building so of course I was anxious as to whether I could stop or not. I never told them of the accident or else maybe they would have helped me back then. I didn’t have medical insurance and was too embarrassed to say anything. I didn’t have a job nut tried to do jobs that my shoulders could not do. They would pop out of place while trying to do physical labor. The right one ended up healing but the left one never did.