Cat Left Behind

This is “Peaches” who was left behind by a previous tenant who moved out. I am the only person who has allowed her to come inside of the apartment. I can’t afford to keep her though and need some help. The stores run out of the cheap litter and then do not restock it nowadays. I can’t even afford the cheap litter. I am about to be evicted while fighting breast cancer and osteoarthritis without any income right before chemotherapy starts. I have been checking with every single resourse out there and most of the time they either want you to have a child or apply after the treatments start. I do not have either situation yet and will not a child in my home so I will not qualify for those programs. I prefer to work so am searching for any resume help because mine is older which ends up being discriminated against, especially by the bots that are programmed to accept more recent experiences.

Peaches needs a good home and loves to play outside. A country home with a warm barn and more cat friends to play with would be perfect for her. Please contact me if you can help her out.

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